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Australian ‘War Horse’ Star Wins Heath Ledger Scholarship

Cody Fern, 25, beat out runners-up Charlotte Best and Axle Whitehead for the $20,000 prize.

Western Australian actor Cody Fern was named the Australians In Film Heath Ledger Scholarship winner for 2014 at a celebratory dinner in  Los Angeles on Thursday that was hosted by musician, actor and director, Tim Minchin.

The 25-year old, best known for his role as Albert in the Australian version of the National Theatre of Great Britain production of War Horse, has secured the $20,000 prize against stiff competition from another 19 young Australian actors, with Australian Idol alum and Home and Away star Axle Whitehead and Charlotte Best named as runners-up.

Fern says that thanks to the award, he is now able to fast-track his plans to relocate to Los Angeles, where he is already in discussions for several projects.

“I’ve always had plans to come to Los Angeles; now it’s a reality and will happen a lot sooner,” Fern told The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s some exciting projects going on, it’s looking bright and the award makes it all possible,” he added.

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Cody Fern ready for the ride of his life in War Horse

HE GREW up in a tiny Outback town and did not set foot on a stage until three years go.

Now, at 24, Cody Fern has been cast in the coveted lead role for the Australian run of international stage sensation War Horse.

It goes without saying that he’s thrilled to have landed a dream role, but despite his isolated upbringing, Fern’s path into it has been anything except accidental.

He has twice sold everything he owns, turned down a lucrative corporate career offer and followed his gut feeling into total uncertainty.

This year, he arrived in Sydney from Western Australia without a job, a home or a friend in sight to blindly pursue what he believes he was born to do: act.

“I’ve known since I was about six that I wanted to be an actor, but I grew up in a very small country town and it was just not something that was possible,” Fern says.

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